Daily Archives: July 30, 2014

Holiday ~ the first five days


Wednesday 30th July

We land in North Carolina mid-afternoon, collect our bags, pick up the hire car, and we’re off. The start of our summer vacation begins; we’re off to South Carolina for a few days. The air is warm, the sky is blue, and after two flights, a total of over nine hours flying time, my leg feels surprisingly normal. I had been exceedingly anxious that lymphoedema and swelling would be a big problem. But no, all is good! A huge consumption of water and gentle exercises during the flight has paid off. Plus the wearing of my stocking/compression garment has kept things under control.

The weather this year is particularly grey and rainy, and we are unable to spend time on the beach as we would normally do. This is not as great a disappointment as I thought it would be. I can no longer sit out, sunbathing. It is not healthy for me or my skin.

We potter about, go shopping, visit with friends, and go for walks along the beach. It’s gentle, unhurried and relaxing. Just what a holiday should be.