The Festivities


Christmas Day and Boxing Day . . . . . .

So, here it is, Christmas morning, and Santa’s been! During the night, whilst in a fitful sleep, a small present was left on the table: Friends of RCHT had been super busy, and most thoughtful. A small packet of tissues, notebook and chocolate ~ a lovely gesture!

My son is still being pumped full of chemotherapy, but is quite excited to be escaping later on this morning. The last bag of fluid is due to finish at 11:50am, then we wait for the 4-day pump to be attached to his chest tubes, containing slow release of bleomycine.

As the morning passes, son begins to feel a bit sick, perhaps the combination of the drugs and Christmas! Hopefully this won’t delay our departure.

Just after twelve thirty we are driving home, to swap our hospital bags for those containing presents for the family. A quick wash and brush up, then we head to my sister’s house for Christmas dinner. We didn’t know how much of the days’ festivities could be enjoyed by our son, but as it turned out, he was able to join in for most of the remainder of the day. Dinner, crackers, present opening, board games, television, Skype sessions with my brother in Chicago, afternoon tea and Christmas cake. He kept going strong until nine thirty, then the weariness hit him hard, and we could see that he was totally wiped out. We got him home, and into bed an hour later. Happy-ish, that he had actually been able to enjoy a normal-ish Christmas.

Boxing Day seems a little flat, but we go out for a drive in the car, drop in on my sister for a cup of tea, then visit with my Mum for a chat. Our son is quite perky, and stays awake for the whole time, snacking on small amounts of food; an easy going day, relaxed and trouble-free.

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