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No longer here


Wednesday 2nd December


No longer here

But by my side

Not with me

But in my mind


We are apart

There in my heart

You’ve gone away

Memories stay


I will see you

On the other side

Beyond the stars

Past Jupiter and Mars


Love you forever

Forget you never

Always together

For ever and ever


Beloved Angel son




Tuesday 1st December


And so December is now here

The advent calendar you’d clear

All the chocolate would disappear

Such excitement and Christmas cheer


The stars on the tree shining bright

Eyes filled with wonder and delight

All the presents kept out of sight

Stopping you unwrapping in the night


A time of year filled with love and joy

Trying to find the year’s favourite toy

Fun and laughter to employ

My dearest darling Angel boy


Thinking of you daily

My darling Angel baby

Missing you like crazy




Thursday 26th November


Suddenly, something hits so hard

You return to that day

With the pain and heartache

Coming right back to stay


And I miss you so

Dearest Angel son

Thinking of you always

Now forever young



A chilly and bright Porthmeor Beach

No one in the sea this afternoon

A good swell

A keen wind chills your ears and cheeks

A mackerel sky

That dappled all the way up the coast