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An early morning colonoscopy


Monday 24th June


An early morning


Drive to Exeter

For endoscopy


Not too exciting

But necessary

Conscious sedation

Pain, momentary


An alien blob found


A snip with calipers

Just get out of me!


Appointment was made

Another C. T.

It’s just to make sure

My bowel is polyp free


Remembering you

My precious Angel son


The Silver Ball


Saturday 22nd June


Throwing the silver ball

Fun and games for all

Rolling through the streets

Reflecting all it meets

An age-old tradition

An artist’s commission

Gallery of the Tate

Attention to create


Unsure what you would’ve made of this

Probably given it a miss

Content to follow far behind

Wandering off, if so inclined


The Tate and the Silver Ball More information


Thinking of you sweetheart

Treasured Angel son


The Silver Ball rolling down the road

Across a junction

Up and over the wall

And into Barnoon cemetery

Reflecting everything in it’s path

The twin chapels overlooking Porthmeor Beach

Half an hour later it was rolling across the harbour

Luckily it was low tide!

Boat on the sands


Friday 21st June


Dipping forward

Somewhat awkward

Off kilter slightly

Needs putting rightly

Boat on the sands

High and dry, stands

Wait for the tide

Then off you glide


Frank on a yacht

Liked it a lot

Just carefree days

Beneath sun’s rays

On the high seas

With a warm breeze

Holiday fun

Second to none


Remembering the good times

Sweet Angel son


Frank loving his yachting holidays with my father

Anchoring at high tide, the owner of the yacht didn’t know he was directly over a large dip in the sand, forcing the boat to tip forwards. Only when the tide receded did the angle of the mast seem way off vertical.

Stuck in the middle

Two of St. Ives’ gig rowing boats

Your light


Wednesday 19th June


Your light will always shine

Within this heart of mine

As the stars above align


Your memories so fine

Walking in the sunshine

Darling Angel devine


Love you forever

Forget you never

Always together

Forever and ever


Beloved Angel son


Wings in the sky

Grey clouds begin to clear

Beautifully blue over Porthmeor

Lost within thought


Tuesday 18th June


Lost within thought

Such love you brought

Your smile, I sought

Memories caught

The fight was fought

But left distraught

Your life cut short


Love you forever

My darling Angel son


So grey and drizzly ☔

The turn of the tide

Granite buildings reflected in the water

Father’s Day


Sunday 16th June


Happy Father’s Day

To my Dad

Who didn’t want to be called

Daddy, Dad, Father, Pops

So, Hank it was


Happy Father’s Day

To my husband

Who has always been

Daddy, Dad, Father, Pops

Your sons love you lots


Frank and Luke

Our boys forever

A loving family

Always together



My father and I

Hank and I

Gary with Frank and Luke in Australia

Gary and Luke

Gary and Frank

You’re always there


Saturday 15th June


You’re always there

Peeking round the corner

Of my mind


Smiling cheekily

Awakening the subconscious

Of my dreams


Standing there

On an imaginary path

Called Memory Lane


My darling Angel son

Love you forever sweetheart


Fluffy clouds above the harbour

Swirls and puffs over Porthmeor Beach

Saturday afternoon at the beach

Could do with warming up a bit 🏖️