A day-case visit for son


Wednesday 31st December

A New Year’s Eve visit to a new area of the hospital so that my son can have a quick infusion of chemotherapy. The day case unit is busy, we are seen on time, my son picks a reclining chair by the window, and is soon hooked up to the toxic liquid that is hopefully shrinking the tumours in his body.

Everyone here seems friendly and kind; nothing is too much trouble. We are visited by a doctor and a dietician to check on progress and general health. It seems my son has lost over a stone in weight in a little over four weeks. He is prescribed some high calorie shakes with extra vitamins and minerals to give him a boost!

Four hours after arriving, we are ready to leave. Lunchtime beckons and son says he is really hungry. However he can only manage half a chicken nugget, three baked beans and one and a half chips, plus a few sips from a 7Up. A rubbish choice for lunch, but it’s what he fancied; when it arrived though, he just couldn’t face it. He says the taste in his mouth is horrible and metallic, and he has lots of little ulcers. Poor, poor chap.

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