Day Case Chemo


Wednesday 28th January

Another day case infusion of chemotherapy for our son. The appointment is late afternoon, and it’s getting dark as we arrive in the cold and rain.

Bloods are checked first, and we wait forty minutes for the results ~ haemoglobin levels are low at 80, and there is talk of a blood transfusion as he is quite weak. Following a phone call to the consultant oncologist, it is decided to press ahead with the bleomycin infusion. This is followed by a saline flush and finishes with a dressing change. Our son hates the last part! The Hickman line that is in his chest has been there since the beginning of December, and does need cleaning and redressing every week, in case infection sets in. He is scared of the sticky dressing pulling his skin off when it is removed. But a very patient, young nurse persuades him to let her do this. No screams, no swearing. All is calm and pleasant! And a brand new, clean rectangular dressing is in place.

We go home tired, a little sick, but happy that the day is over.

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