Seven years now


Tuesday 3rd November


Seven years now

I’ve been on a trial

Adjuvant treatment

It’s been so worthwhile


It’s not just skin cancer

Melanoma is vile

Spreading to the lymph nodes

Surgery changed my lifestyle


So, vigilance is key

Can’t be in denial

Up at five this morning

Hospital arrival


Scan then dermatology

Service with a smile

Found a small alienblob

Removal is vital


Excision in two weeks

Health to reconcile

I’ll be left looking like

Been bitten by a crocodile


Always thinking of you

My darling Angel son


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    • Yes… If a dodgy mole or lesion is found, it will be removed and sent to the path lab. If further cancer/melanoma cells are found, a wider excision will be carried out.
      This will be the third one on my back πŸ˜’
      At least it has been spotted quickly, before becoming too large.
      Stay safe.


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