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Love will linger


Thursday 19th October


Your love will linger

Your memories are real

Your affection touched many

My heartbreak I conceal


Your achievements numerous

Your delight enchanted

Your laugh infectious

I took it all for granted


And then one day

You had no more tomorrows

Your life ended so suddenly

Leaving​ grief and sorrows


Missing my Angel

Darling son


Porthmeor Beach looking towards the Island

Porthmeor Beach looking westwards

A glimpse of sun on dull afternoon

High tide in the harbour

I’ve lost your future


Wednesday 18th October


I’ve lost your future

I can’t go out and find it

Because it’s not there

You future ceased to be


Lives are forever shattered

Hearts remain broken

And nothing, nothing compares

To the pain of losing you


What would you have become?

Where would you be?

What would be making you happy?

Just wish you were here with me.


Love you sweetie

Forever thirty

On Angel wings

You’ve been set free


Many surfers and paddle boarders

Dull and overcast, but quite warm

An unfortunate incident on the harbour slipway….. whoops



Tuesday 17th October


The timeless rhythm of the sea

Capturing wandering thoughts

Of time spent whilst carefree

As streamlined aquanauts


Take my hand, together we’ll dive

Through subterranean caves

With azure oceans, feeling alive

Bursting above foaming waves


My darling Angel son

Sailing the seven seas

My love is carried to you

Across the gentle breeze


Many changing colours of the ocean

Aquamarine sea with windblown wave caps



Monday 16th October


It’s always there

It won’t go away

It’s a part of me

It’s there every day

It hits without warning

It’s not okay

It breaks my heart

It’s here to stay



Unless it’s happened to you

You’ll never know

You just haven’t a clue


Missing you like crazy

My darling Angel baby


View from​ the top of the town looking out to sea

Bright and breezy this afternoon

Somewhere out there a seal is surfing in the waves

I didn’t know


Sunday 15th October


I didn’t know that there’d be a day

When you wouldn’t be there that night

I didn’t know you’d be gone forever

I tried to save you, with all my might

And now there’s a star, way up high

That’s you my Angel, shining so bright


Miss you so much

It’s just not the same

Love you forever

I’ll always proclaim


The harbour this morning

Monochrome view from Pedn Olva

A sparkly looking Porthminster Beach

Picasso, a birthday and fireworks


Saturday 14th October


This morning we headed off​ to the reopening of the Tate Gallery; it’s only a short walk, down the hill from where we live. We have watched the expansion project taking place over the last eighteen months as piles of earth, granite and blue Elvan have been removed to create a new gallery space buried in the cliff side. Costing £20 million, it will showcase many local artists who were drawn to St. Ives by the incredible quality of the light. 

We walked past beautiful sculptures created by Barbara Hepworth, huge canvasses by Peter Lanyon, Sir Terry Frost, Alfred Wallis, Ben Nicholson, Piet Mondrian, Naum Gabo, Mark Rothko and Patrick Heron. There was quite a crowd in front of the Picasso: “Bowl of fruit, violin and bottle”, and a group of students sitting on a bench attempting to sketch what they saw. There were other interesting, small sculptures by John Wells and Dennis Mitchell.

Rebecca Warren’s tall bronze sculptures were housed in the new, massive gallery, bathed in natural light, streaming through the ceiling. These were drilled and securely screwed in to the floor; the installation was named “All that heaven allows”. Personally, I would have preferred to see giant canvasses on the huge white walls ~ actual paintings! But there we are, each to their own.

Crowds of people were meandering, pondering, gazing upon the art, moving through the galleries in a slow shuffle, trying to take it all in. So much on offer: perhaps it will be better to return on a quieter day, when all the opening excitement has dissipated and I can stand in front of the Picasso, or the Mondrian and appreciate them fully.

Even the café on the top floor seemed to be permanently full, but not surprising, considering the spectacular views of the beach below, with great waves and many surfers enjoying the swell.

Today was also your Dad’s birthday: think you would have wished him many happy returns and bought a card for him. You would probably have laughed, said he was too old and then pulled his hair jokingly! I’m not sure if you would have accompanied us to the Tate or not ~ probably too many people for your liking.

When we were standing beside you this afternoon, Dad said the best birthday present he could have, was to have you back. We miss you so unbelievably much.

Late afternoon and the sun came out, bathing the harbour in that special light. Many tourists were strolling around, sitting on the benches overlooking the sand or enjoying outdoor drinks and food at the many cafés and bars.

To finish off the day, a wonderful fireworks display was put on for Dad’s birthday ~ well, not really, they were celebrating the opening of the Tate, but as they lit up the sky, right in front of our house, we pretended they were for Dad. You never know…….

We wish you had been with us.

We love you so much.

Darling Angel son.


Palm tree light box in the foyer

The Picasso

Alfred Wallis

The new exhibition space

Curved viewing balcony

Interesting forms

Spectacular view of the beach through the windows

A little snack this evening ~ cheese board and a seafood board ~ overlooking the harbour

Late evening sun

Fabulous blue sky to end the day

And then the fireworks….


And ever


Thursday 12th October


I’m always thinking of you

Keeping you so close, too


I know we’re far apart

But you’re here in my heart


Sending you all my love

My Angel, living above


Together forever

And ever, and ever


Sweetheart son

Eternally young


An offshore breeze making for good surf



Wednesday 11th October


Sadness every day

Grief everywhere

Even when I’m happy

Hidden pain is there


Sorrow around the corner

Anguish in daily tasks

Even when I try hard

I hide behind my masks


Love you forever

Forget you never

Treasured Angel son

Now forever young


Porthmeor and the Island, looking damp and misty this afternoon

Like we used to


Tuesday 10th October


Every night I wish

Every night I dream

Every night I hope

Every night, silently scream


Every day I watch

Every day I wait

Every day I look

Every day, contemplate


Each night I wish, dream and hope

Daily I watch, wait, and look for you

Trying to find something, anything, a sign

So we can laugh and hug like we used to


Missing you poppet

Precious Angel son