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To which I cling


Sunday 21st May


I’ll keep you in my heart

I’ll find you in my dreams

I’ll hold your memory close

That’s all that’s left, it seems.


I see you in the clouds

On a butterfly’s wing

A friendly robin’s song

Reminders, to which I cling.


Love you forever

Precious Angel son


Boats afloat in the harbour

A few surfers in the sea

Looking out towards Man’s Head

800 days


Friday 19th May


800 days​


I saw you

Held you

Heard you

Smelt you

Felt you


800 days


You breathed






800 days








My sweet, darling Angel

Forever missed

Forever loved

Safe within our hearts


A gathering of clouds over the harbour

Laughing, playing, smiling, touching……… January 1987

Sunshine and smiles


Thursday 18th May


Sunshine and smiles

Big fluffy clouds

Blue skies and warmth

Bringing out the crowds.


How you loved to walk

Around the town

People watching

Hurrying on down.


A book clasped tightly

To read on the go

Turning pages

Head bowed low.


Now as an Angel

Do you still roam

Right beside us

And come back home?


I think you do

I hope you’re there

Loving the outdoors

Breathing fresh air.


But I still miss you

So very much

Wish you were here

Your hand I would touch.



Harbour panorama

Blue skies overhead

The surfing beach

Your room


Wednesday 17th May


So many books on shelves

Teddy bears and cuddly toys

Winning rosettes and horseshoes

CD’s that made lots of noise.


Clean t-shirts neatly folded

Shoes lined up all in a row

Pictures hanging on the walls

A Britney Spears signed photo.


Everything is as it was

It’s as if time has stood still

Full of memories, that’s your room

And with love my heart does fill.


Sweetheart Angel son

Missing you every day

Wish you were still here

That you hadn’t flown away.



Grey and muggy

A special one


Tuesday 16th May


I live every single day

Without my darling son

Won’t be able to see you grow old

He’s now an Angel, a special one.


Fly free

Sleep peacefully.

We love you so, so much

To the moon and back.

Love you more

And all the world.



A beautiful day


Sunday 14th May


The wedding party decided​ that a wonderful way to blow away the cobwebs, following yesterday’s celebrations, would be to go on a long walk around the manor house today. 

A six mile walk across rolling hills, high ridges, bluebell woods, farm tracks and cow fields. Such beautiful views, blessed with spectacular weather, we were so fortunate.

Upon return, we relaxed in the gardens, with Ploughman’s lunches, cakes, scones and clotted cream.

A special family weekend.

We missed your presence, my darling. You would have had fun, I’m sure.

Beloved Angel son.


A wedding


Saturday 13th May


Today we went to a wonderful wedding at a manor house in the Dorset countryside.

Your cousin was married today, and I think you would have wished her well, and enjoyed the day in the sunshine. You would have explored the extensive gardens and the many drawing rooms in the house, filled floor to ceiling with books, artworks and pianos.

From Morris Men and cream teas, to croquet and cricket on the lawns, caricature portraits, photographs and Pimm’s, to dogs delivering the rings, dinner and dancing in the church, to a glitter bar and blazing fire pit. A whole day of marvelous fun and celebration in the sun.

Thinking of you, and missing you as always.

Darling Angel son.


I held your hand


Friday 12th May


I held your hand

‘Til it went cold

Wish I could have hugged you

As you grew old.


I cradled your head

And stroked your face

Wish you’d have opened your eyes

And returned​ my embrace.


Precious Angel son

Now forever young.