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Thursday 22nd February


Piles, polyps or poop

That’s what they’re looking for

Results from the PET scan

Required a bit more

Exploratory time

Left me a bit sore

Uncomfortable really

But you know the score

Better safe than sorry

Something you can’t ignore

A sigmoidoscopy

Balance to restore

Then a polypectomy

Soon to endure

So come back again

Eradicate the tumour

Another appointment

In the near future


Thinking of you as always

My darling Angel son


Sunrise over the sea

The sky when we visited you this morning

Driving up to Exeter

Years and years and years


Wednesday 21st February


I really didn’t want

To live the rest of my life

Without you here with me

Nothing but pain and strife


Now I will always wake up

Each and every single day

Only to remember

You won’t be here today


I know that each of us

Has different journeys to walk

Paths meander and cross

But no longer to you I talk


My beloved Angel

As I wipe away the tears

Your memories will remain

For years and years and years


Dearest darling son


Sunny Porthmeor Beach at low tide

Close by


Tuesday 20th February


I know you’re close by

Just wish I could see you

I do feel your presence

It helps me get through


Those precious moments

Will never undo

The love in my heart

That’s perfect and true


Love you forever

To the moon and back

All the stars in the sky

To infinity and beyond

My treasured Angel son


Another blue sky morning, looking over the town



Monday 19th February


My undying love for you

Extends from this life to the next

It will never diminish

It is just so complex


It won’t really get better

You just handle the effects

Of everything being different

Each day continues to perplex


My heart now beats for you

And the tears in my eye reflects

All those memories returning

That subconsciousness connects


Love you sweetheart

Beloved Angel son


A criss cross of branches, and blue sky this morning

Low tide, but not too many walking on the beach

Smeaton’s Pier

I can’t see you


Sunday 18th February


I can’t see you heaven today

The sky is just so foggy and grey

A breeze might blow the blues away

Because right now I’m in disarray

Feeling quite low on this Sunday

The weather does, my mood convey

Cold and damp, full of dismay

I’m really not feeling okay

Give me a while to make headway

Sipping on my cinnamon latté

A picture of happiness I’ll portray

And I’ll have something upbeat to say


Thinking of you

Missing you

Loving you

Dearest Angel son


So very foggy looking over the town this morning

Stands still


Friday 16th February


It seems time stands still

As tears fall down my face

For I’ve lost something

No one can replace

And all that is left

Is an empty space

Missing from my world

My Angel’s embrace

Dearest, darling son

Full of gentle grace



Porthmeor Beach this afternoon

Holidaymakers wrapped up warm

Grey clouds rolling in



Thursday 15th February


I feel your absence

Every single day

Everywhere is empty

Since you went away


I walk all alone

Through the thronging crowds

Always looking for you

In the passing clouds


Each evening I know

There’ll be no sounds

In the dark of night

Confusion surrounds


Only in my dreams

Do I know you’re there

Happy and smiling

The sun in your hair


Precious Angel son


Sending love and hugs


Wednesday 14th February


Sending love and hugs

On this Valentine’s Day

Though you’re not here

Memories don’t fade away

Blowing kisses to you

In heaven where you lay

Missing you so much

More than I can say


Sweet Angel of mine

Dearest darling son

Heavenly Valentine

Now forever young



We’ll always love you


Tuesday 13th February


We’ll always love you sweetie

And will miss you forever

Fly high precious starman

With all the angels together

A life taken far too soon

But so much to remember

Everything you achieved

And your brave endeavour

You’ll never leave my heart

Though I’ll always wonder whether

If you’re nearby my darling

Still as cheeky and clever



Another breezy day

Porthmeor Beach

A curious seagull