In dreams tonight

Wednesday 15th February 

Across fields of brown and green
I wander, lost in thought serene
Amidst the rustling leaves
My heart aches, my soul grieves
For in my arms, you're no longer seen

As the sun sets, the stars shine bright
Now I'm left with memories of your light
And how I long for your embrace
To feel the warmth of your sweet face
I'll be with you again in dreams tonight

Love you so much
Treasured sons
Beloved Mum
Grey and rainy this morning, but it did brighten up later

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    • Thank you, and please don’t worry about asking…..
      I very, very seldom have a dream at all, at night….. Sometimes a nightmare, but never about my family.
      I would love to have dreams about my son, but it just doesn’t happen.
      I can understand your strong feelings after your dreams; it must be hard to adjust again, back to reality.
      Sending hugs.
      x 💖 x


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