Grief changes shape

Thursday 16th February 

Grief changes shape
But it's always there
A presence that lingers
A weight that we bear

It's the ache in your heart
On a quiet, calm night
The tears that fall
Without reason or might

At times it's a storm
That rages within
A tempest of sorrow
That won't give in

It howls and wails
And screams for release
And when it subsides
There's a sense of peace

During other times
It's a quiet ache
A subtle longing
That just won't abate

It's the memory that clings
So tight to your mind
The one you can't
Leave far behind

Love you so much
Precious sons
Treasured Mum
It has been drizzly for most of the day

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  1. Grief is indeed an emotional roller coaster ride, and it’s always there inside us, waiting to express itself in anger or a fleeting glimpse of memory or guilt. It never goes away but just manifests itself another way. I’m so sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing the heartfelt poem.

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