Eight long years

Sunday 12th March

Dearest son Frank
Our hearts still ache
Eight long years
Since you saw day break
A life cut short
A tragedy profound
Gone but not forgotten
You'll always be around

We miss your smile
Your gentle voice
The memories we shared
The love we rejoice
Your absence weighs heavy
A constant pain
A wound that never heals
Forever does remain

But in our hearts
Your spirit lives on
A light that shines
Long after you've gone
A reminder of the love
We once knew
A bond that unites us
Forever with you

So though you're not here
You're not truly lost
For in our memories
You're the ultimate cost
We hold you close
In our hearts and mind
Dearest son Frank
Gone but not left behind

No matter how long
As memories replay
It will always feel
Like yesterday

Love you so much
Darling Angel son
A friendly, chirruping robin
Wet, moss-covered tree trunks
Swan on the pond
Walking around Tehidy Woods in the rain
So many twisting, gnarly branches

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