In the bustling harbour

Thursday 25th May 

In the bustling harbour
Children dance and play
Their laughter like music
Brightening the day

Colourful fishing boats
Add to the tranquil scene
Those painted hulls
Will sail on waters serene

Wet sand beneath toes
A canvas of delight
Footprints and memories
Intertwine and take flight

Ice creams in hand
Sweet indulgence in the air
Melting joys on tongues
A moment beyond compare

Beneath shade of umbrellas
People find respite
Sharing stories and laughter
Their worries are slight

Love you so much
Precious sons
Beloved Mum
St Ives this morning
Man’s Head
Porthmeor Beach and the Island
Low tide in the harbour
Smeaton’s Pier
A sunny, busy day

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