Six months in Heaven



Saturday 12th September

It’s six months today since you gained your Angel wings.

And not a day goes by that I haven’t thought of you.

Fly free with the angels.
Love you forever xxxxx

18.1.1985  –  12.3.2015

#TesticularCancer #Checkemlads #RaisingAwareness #ForFranksSake

I put this on Facebook today, to try and raise awareness of this awful disease.


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  1. i’m crying…he didn’t beat cancer but he’s pain-free, he’s with Jesus…he doesn’t have ANY of those other issues!!! the doctors should have immediately done the CTs when he said he headaches!!! sadly, they didn’t…do not EVER blame yourself!!! you were a awesome mother to your son…so give yourself some love…you deserve that…no regrets babe!!! again, prayers and my condolences

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  2. I shared your video on my Facebook page.

    I feel that having witnessed my son tortured by cancer, I truly have a sort of PTSD now.

    Thank you for writing about your son. I hope it is giving you some way to live with the grief. I still can’t seem to write on a regular basis about Mikey.

    Please keep writing, it is helpful to those of us who are still learning to live with our loss, at least it really helps me.

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    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words.
      And thank you too for sharing the video.
      I do find writing about my feelings quite therapeutic in some way.
      We do miss our precious son so very much indeed.

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  3. What an incredibly moving and “hit you in the face” informative video. Bravo for making it and posting it on Facebook. I’m going to go and find it and start sharing it on every media site I know. (Which is quite a few! LOL) Thank you for sharing despite your pain.

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  4. Reblogged this on Surprising lives and commented:
    I have been following McRaw and her blog for awhile and to be honest, I find it hard to read a lot of the posts. It is a brutally honest blog about grief and loss. However, this post is also about so much more. It is about life and keeping ourselves and our loved ones healthy and safe. I hope you will join me in sharing this very important message. Amanda

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  6. I am so sorry. I know he is in Heaven with his wings and is communicating away. You are the brave one. Brave because you had to be and that is what bravery is all about. I raise my hand to my heart for you. I share your pain even though I don’t know you. You are what a real mother is and should be. Your son is now in a restful pain-free place if that is any comfort to you and I don’t mean that in flippant way. He is where he is good. You are so much more than strong. Your video without spoken words speaks more volume than you know and for what is shown hopefully changes someone’s life. I pray for strength for you and your family. Your love, strength and support for your son was then and is now. May God Bless you all always and give comfort to you all.

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