Tuesday 5th June



I move forward


I continue


I still breathe


My heart beats


I’m here


I continue


I live


And I remember

And I share

And I smile

All because of you


My beloved Angel son

Fly high precious starman


Mist rolling into the harbour

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  1. Sometimes, it gets, really hard, especially when we think about our children, how old they would be, versus how they’re not anymore, and, we get trapped, in our miseries, but that’s okay, because of the losses we’d suffered in our lives, it’s okay, that we’re, allowing ourselves, to mourn for our loss, to grieve, and after we cry, we will have, the strength, to carry on, until we break back down again, and, we may need to repeat this cycle, for as long as we need to, to finally, feel no sorrows or sadness, when we remember those we’d lost, whom we’d loved, dearly

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