Last days in Orlando


Friday 15th August

 I awake feeling so much better, and we decide to drive South West to Tampa, and Busch Gardens. I again hire a motorised mobility scooter, and begin our journey around the park. By the time we reach SheiKra the sky is darkening, lightning threatens, and the rides are closed ~ so, so disappointing! We spend quite a while moving around the park, looking at the various animals, but in the end we call it a day, give up, and begin the drive back to Orlando. I think last year, almost the same thing happened, it absolutely poured with rain as we arrived in Tampa, we didn’t even make it into the theme park, turned around and left! Never mind, the new ride Falcon’s Fury has yet to open ~ there’s always next year!

The weather improves upon our return to Orlando, and we go to look at some American classic cars and hot rods.

Our last day in Orlando is spent shopping and packing. We drive up to the Mall at Millennia and browse the shops in cool air-conditioned comfort. Again there is another spectacular afternoon thunderstorm to end the day and clear the air.

We pack and load up the car that evening, ready for a quick getaway tomorrow morning. It has been a different sort of holiday in Orlando this year, what with the thunderstorms and my cellulitis. Lots of activities having to be curtailed. Still, I think we made the most of it, visiting all the theme parks that we had planned upon, just not as frequently as we would have liked!

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