A few days in Hilton Head


Sunday 17th August

Five hours North of Orlando is the wonderful Hilton Head Island.

We arrive soon after lunch, unpack a few things, and go and find some shade around the pool. Blue skies, warm seas; perfect. The pelicans are flying overhead, in formation, and a guitarist is playing happy, sunny, beachy music at the tiki bar.

We are here for two nights, and can really relax. No rushing around theme parks or visiting crowded shopping malls. HHI is an amazing place to just re-charge batteries and feel no stress at all. My leg likes this place! Lots of reclining on beach chairs and taking it easy. Even though there is a weather alert, a heat advisory, for temperatures of 98℉, we love the sunrises, sunsets and long lazy, blue-sky days, filled with warmth. The redness at the top of my thigh, from the cellulitis, is still there, and I’m continuing to take the antibiotics. But, the balmy weather and island lifestyle are most welcome.


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