Fugly Cellulitis


Friday 8th August

Today is hot, scorching actually, and we decide to get up early and drive South West to LegoLand. As the park had just opened, the queues were not too bad when we arrived. We made our way through the miniature cities and displays, and on to the water park; locating a huge parasol we parked our belongings and found the wave pool. It was gentle fun, a few hours spent idly reclining on the chairs, or building a Lego raft and drifting around the lazy river. As we leave, son decides he wants to go on one final ride, a rollercoaster, and husband and I wait in the shade. This is where I begin to feel really hot and uncomfortable, and eventually husband has to pour iced water down the back of my neck to cool me down. We arrive back at the car and the dashboard display shows 104℉, no wonder I’m overheating. I think I had a ‘heat episode’.

On Saturday we didn’t go to a theme park, deciding to have a much quieter day, and went shopping instead. Again I started to feel funny, fluctuating between feeling hot, shivering, and nauseous. We had to cut our trip short, drove back to the villa, and I went to bed. That evening I had noticed the top of my leg, underneath the support stocking, had begun to look a bit red and blotchy, but put it down to the excessive heat.

On Sunday we went to Universal Studios, hiring a motorised wheelchair with a sunshade on top. This was an absolute godsend as I was able to rest my leg. I could now move through the theme parks with much ease! We also loaded up the front basket with our bags and a cooler full of iced water. Another benefit was that on some rides I could jump the queue! It was a long day, just over six hours, but great fun was had by all

When we got home later that afternoon, the redness on my leg had become more intense and hot. I suspected cellulitis, so that night I began the two-week course of strong antibiotics that I had prescribed from my GP before leaving home, (thank goodness I had them with me). I also took pictures of my leg, and emailed my trials nurse.

Using my American cell phone I spoke with my trials nurse on Monday morning, and she had already spoken to my oncologist, who agreed that yes, it probably was cellulitis, take the antibiotics, and if the redness spreads, to seek medical help!!!

Overnight the redness had not spread. It’s just really bright, hot and sore, looking quite frightening and scary.

I spend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in bed, eating very little, but drinking copious amounts of water. I feel tired, but the sickness feeling and headaches, and the fever have gone.

This is crap.

I hate it.

I thought all was going to be ok.

I’m never bothered by hot weather.

I thought I was invincible.

How stupid am I?

Apparently having lymphoedema makes you more susceptible to getting cellulitis. But this is usually through a scratch or insect bite.

I have neither.

On Thursday it is our thirty second wedding anniversary, and I finally feel well enough to get up, get dressed, clean my teeth, have a shower, and try and look and feel almost normal again. Husband drives to Cocoa Beach, and we have a wonderful celebratory lunch overlooking the ocean.

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  1. Oh Melanie.
    What a horrible thing to happen while you were away. But you are definately made of strong stuff and obviously soldiered on for your husband and family. They must be very proud. I hope the rest of the holiday was a success.


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