Sleepy son


Saturday 6th December

Well, yesterday was certainly a day I don’t wish to repeat. Our son has been sleeping peacefully for most of the night, and has not been sick since yesterday early evening. Thank goodness. Plus, he was able to keep the steroids down at 2am.

Not sure what will happen today.

Following two bites of toast and a cup of tea, the rest of the morning is spent sleeping.

By early afternoon he is much more perky, but wants to be quiet. He tells his brother:

“If you want to come over, just shut up and be quiet”

Ever the pleasant patient!!

We got him dressed about three o’clock and borrowed a wheelchair to take him to Costa and WH Smiths. He sat with his head on the table all the time, but at least he was able to escape from the ward for a little while. When we came back to his room, he was ready for another sleep.

At dinner time he wasn’t very hungry, but did try some soup and a roll.

We might try and leave tomorrow. We’ll see. But he keeps on saying, “No visitors, I want quiet and to sit in the dark!!!”


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