We go home!


Sunday 7th December

I went to work on Friday 28th November, came to the hospital that afternoon, and have been here ever since. But, today is the day we might actually be able to go home! Two nights in a hospital chair, and seven nights in a put-you-up bed is long enough, thank you very much!

At 3am this morning I was awoken with a tirade of shouting, lights on and door banging:

“I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep. You need to wake up. I can’t sleep. If I can’t sleep, neither will you.”

Oh lovely!!!!

I think he’s probably scared of leaving here, as he feels safe.

Having had breakfast, he orders lunch, and we wait to be discharged after that.

Collecting all the medication, instructions, telephone numbers, and treatment plan, we are then able to escape! After ten days we are ready to face the outside world.

What a life changing episode this has been; a real whirlwind of heartbreak.

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