Six Days of Chemo


Tuesday 13th January

Today our son begins a six day stint of chemotherapy. He and my husband leave the house at four in the afternoon to get settled in. It really is a gruelling regime. I am at work in the week, so will swap over the staying in hospital on Friday ~ we’ll do three days each, although I do drive after school to visit with them. It’s tiring for me, but I do want to see how they’re getting on each day.

The day before my son was due to return to the hospital, he became extremely anxious and stressful. This soon turned to anger and aggression, and he ended up hitting me and pulling my hair. He wouldn’t take his night time medication, and spat everything out. I know he doesn’t mean to hurt me, his head must be in turmoil, and it really isn’t his fault. It’s just his way of coping with everything that is going on with his life. He is so scared and frightened for the forthcoming hospital stay.

For my son, each day usually begins with two six hour bags of saline, followed by a specific tailored concoction of chemotherapy, steroids and anti sickness medication. It is no wonder he is completely wiped out, and spends much of the day in bed sleeping through all this.

A CT scan is ordered for Thursday, with an MRI fitted in, when there is a space in appointments. Do let’s hope that the chemotherapy is doing it’s job and shrinking the tumours.

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