Daily Archives: May 31, 2020

Wall to wall sunshine


Sunday 31st May


Wall to wall sunshine

Bodies on the beach

Cooking away nicely

Sunscreen! I beseech


Vitamin D is necessary

Please don’t get me wrong

But frying like a lobster

Damage could be life long


So many burnt shoulders

Peeling, unsightly skin

D’you know what you’ve done?

What’s going on, within?


Melanoma; skin cancer

Might not happen today

But a few years down the line

It’ll be nothing to downplay


You can’t just cut it out

For it’s a sneaky beast

Lying dormant, then

Like a devil, released


Taking over your life

Biopsies, skin grafts

Scans and appointments

Normality’s in the past


Just always worrying

Asking when it will return

Scanxiety, melanoia

A real cause for concern


So slap on some sunscreen

And wear a big hat

Seek shade when it’s hot

Prevention’s where it’s at


Melanoma awareness

Throughout the month of May

But it mustn’t stop here

Care for your skin everyday


Love you forever

Beloved Angel son