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Wednesday 1st May


Sunshine makes you smile

But can also kill

Put your sunscreen on

To enjoy life’s thrill


Melanoma Awareness

The month of May

Not just skin cancer

Keep those rays at bay


New solar powered robin for my Angel

Pretty blues in the harbour

Quite a few on the beach in the corner

Lifeguards patrolling Porthmeor Beach



Friday 26th May


We awoke early and left the house at six thirty to drive to Bath to meet up with friends from Australia whom I haven’t seen for four years. They are over in this country, travelling, staying in London at present, then going on to France, Belgium and Holland.

The day was glorious; we talked and talked: reminiscing, and walked and walked and walked: sightseeing.

We began with a Bath Bun and coffee at Sally Lunn’s tea house, then explored the streets, marveling at the Roman architecture, wandering around the Abbey, finding the Royal Crescent of Georgian townhouses, eating a picnic in the park beside the river, strolling across the Pulteney Bridge and looking at the masses of water flowing over the weir. We ended the day with a few beers, sitting outside at a pub, chilling, chatting and people watching.

A terrific day, catching up with old friends, enjoying the lovely sunny weather.

You liked Bath my darling, and as we were walking around, I imagined you with us, every step of the way.

Love you sweetheart.

Beloved Angel son.


Awesome display of colourful umbrellas

Bath Abbey

Pulteney Bridge over the River Avon

The Weir

River Avon

The Royal Crescent

The gardens beside the river

A walk down to the gardens

A corner of the Abbey

Looking towards the altar

Beautiful stained glass windows

Amazing ceiling

More stained glass

Bathed in late afternoon sunshine

A final walk beneath the canopy of umbrellas

Sunshine and smiles


Thursday 18th May


Sunshine and smiles

Big fluffy clouds

Blue skies and warmth

Bringing out the crowds.


How you loved to walk

Around the town

People watching

Hurrying on down.


A book clasped tightly

To read on the go

Turning pages

Head bowed low.


Now as an Angel

Do you still roam

Right beside us

And come back home?


I think you do

I hope you’re there

Loving the outdoors

Breathing fresh air.


But I still miss you

So very much

Wish you were here

Your hand I would touch.



Harbour panorama

Blue skies overhead

The surfing beach

A little sunshine


Wednesday 1st February

A little sunshine between the showers

Some good betwixt the melancholy

Blue skies amidst the cold and grey

A few smiles among the falling tears

Many memories surrounded by regrets

Silver linings bounded by storms


Life now, between then and next.


I miss you sweetie

Beloved Angel son


A sunny harbour just after heavy showers

Blue skies for a while

Sunny Porthmeor Beach

Reaching skyward

Beautiful October


Wednesday 26th October

A beautiful October, so blue, so still

You would have loved a day like today.


Calm and reflective, like clouds on the sea

Wandering along in your own quiet way.


Watching crowds enjoying the sunshine

Imagine you smiling as they laugh and play.


I know you are there, my Angel son

Walking beside me, is where you’ll stay.


Love you forever

Missing you always


Such a pretty afternoon to play on the slipway

Children having fun padding

The water in the harbour was so still

Perfect for paddleboarding

So blue, so still

Sunshine sweetheart


Tuesday 9th August

My dearest, my lovely

My one, my only

My sunshine sweetheart

Although we’re apart

The warmth of the rays

Brightens my days

Thinking of you

As the sun shines through

Picturing you walking

Reading and talking

Enjoying the fresh air

With not but a care

Love you forever

Forget you never.


My sunshine sweetheart (August 2014, Hilton Head)

Picturing you, while the sun shines through (Kissimmee, August 2014)

Delicate new roses for you

Sunshine sweetheart



Friday 3rd June

You are my sunshine sweetheart
Walking with me, we’re never apart.
With so much love to give and impart
Although, from our lives you did depart.

My precious ray of bright sunshine
On the beach, down by the shoreline.
Dipping toes into the sparkling brine
Happy beach boy, dear child of mine.

Love you.
Miss you.



A beautiful sunny afternoon


Busy beach today



You, walking along the beach in Islamorada, August 2010


Among the palm trees, The Moorings, January 2007

Tears in the heart



Friday 25th March

“There are many tears in the heart
That never reach the eyes.”

A local tradition on Good Friday, is to go to the Boating Pond, at the top of the town, and watch all the children, (and many parents), sail their model yachts.
Dad and I, along with my sister, decided to drive up there.
Today was a beautiful, sunny day, and many participants had turned out with various watercraft.
You would have enjoyed people watching, and wandering around the pond, in the fresh air.


The boating pond on Good Friday

Having spent some time watching the boats, we drove to a newly opened cafe/restaurant/micro brewery, at the top of the town, with spectacular views. Cappuccinos all round.
They served your favourite: chocolate brownies.


Blue skies and seas surrounding the town

We then drove back home, and went off for a walk, fascinated by all the holidaymakers enjoying the sunny, but not too warm, weather. It’s still March, but so many families were on the beach, and in the water, as if it was the height of summer.


A sunny corner of the harbour

The main surfing beach was fairly busy too, with the lifeguards now on duty, and the Surf School up and running.
I’m sure you would have walked along the beach, getting your shoes wet, full of sand and watching the waves.


Porthmeor Beach today


Bamaluz, looking towards Hayle

Just before we walked home, we stopped off in the church, and lit candles for you, and for your brother’s girlfriend’s mum.
It’s three hundred and seventy nine days since you went to heaven, my heart is still full of so much pain, but I try my hardest to keep the tears at bay, trying to keep them from my eyes.
I write your name in the book, asking for prayers to be said for you.


We light candles for you

I wish you had been with us today.
Missing you like crazy
Precious Angel baby.



Flowers in the late afternoon sun


Sun and rainbow prism, through the trees

A little ‘Ta Dah’ moment



Sunday 1st November

I don’t know, perhaps I’ve been feeling a little sad these last few days, and can’t seem to shake off the miseries.

And then, this afternoon, whilst we were walking around the harbour, I hear from my younger son and his girlfriend who are holidaying in Malaga, Spain. They are having a lovely, relaxing break, enjoying the coast and warm weather. It was good to talk with them, to lighten my mood.
Then a few photographs began to appear on my phone, and this one made me smile.
A ‘Ta Dah’ moment from my son:


Ta Dah. Malaga, today.

So, we decided to send our own ‘Ta Dah’ pictures back to him:


Ta Dah. Dad, on the slipway, today.


Ta Dah. Me, on the slipway, today.

When we came home, of course I had to find a ‘Ta Dah’ picture of you.
This one was taken on one of our visits to the Islands of Adventure, in Orlando, and you were ‘Ta Dah-ing’ the view across to Dr Doom’s FearFall:


Ta Dah. You enjoying Islands of Adventure.

All smiling, happy faces.
As it should be.
I hope you’re smiling up in heaven.
Ta Dah, my darling little Angel.

Love you to the moon and back.
And all the world.
Love you more.



Love you. Miss you.


Blue sky and Autumn leaves


Your favourite colour.

Two hundred days in Heaven



Monday 28th September

Two hundred days ago you gained your Angel wings.
There is not a day that goes by when I don’t think of you.
It only seems like yesterday.

We brought Nan to visit with you today. We have moved her into a care home much closer, so that hopefully her friends will be able to visit more frequently. And of course, she can come and see you too.
Today she was upset though. She loved you so very much. And she misses you.
We all do.

Your sunshine sunflowers are looking beautiful in the back garden, my little sunbeam. You would be so proud of how well they’ve grown. “The tallest sunflowers in the world”. That’s what you had planned.
If only you were here to see them.
Can you look down and smile?

Two hundred days.

Love you forever.
Missing you constantly.
Thinking of you always.
My sweetest sunshine Angel.


One of your sunflowers in the back garden.


Cemetery sunshine


Your flowers today