The Alien Blob


Sunday 2nd May

And so it was 
Eight years ago
The Alien Blob
Removed from my toe

I liked the sun
I'd tan my skin
Didn't realise
Problems begin

That changing mole
Upon my toe
Biopsies later
It's cancer, y'know

A diagnosis
Of melanoma
And suddenly
Dark clouds came over

More surgeries
And all those tests
The right path to take
Oncologists know best

It metastasized
Moved through my body
Infected lymph nodes
I felt quite groggy

Now eight years later
I am N E D
No Evidence of (that
Beastly) Disease

But on a trial
Adjuvant treatment
Regular checkups
And scans quite frequent

Now I am vigilant
Protecting my skin
Don't want the cancer
To spread within

Living my life
Enjoy the outdoors
Spreading awareness
To you and yours

And thinking of you
Beloved Angel son
Every single day
Now forever young
Porthmeor Beach this afternoon
Chilly and bright
A much more sheltered harbour
Many enjoying the sun
Looking towards Hayle Towans
Looming clouds above the land

35 responses »

    • Aha 🀣
      Yup, the ‘blob’ on my toe could well have been an alien, that I definitely wanted excised. πŸ‘½
      Doing all I can to stay as healthy as possible.
      Take good care and stay safe too.
      x πŸ’– x


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