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The Alien Blob


Sunday 2nd May

And so it was 
Eight years ago
The Alien Blob
Removed from my toe

I liked the sun
I'd tan my skin
Didn't realise
Problems begin

That changing mole
Upon my toe
Biopsies later
It's cancer, y'know

A diagnosis
Of melanoma
And suddenly
Dark clouds came over

More surgeries
And all those tests
The right path to take
Oncologists know best

It metastasized
Moved through my body
Infected lymph nodes
I felt quite groggy

Now eight years later
I am N E D
No Evidence of (that
Beastly) Disease

But on a trial
Adjuvant treatment
Regular checkups
And scans quite frequent

Now I am vigilant
Protecting my skin
Don't want the cancer
To spread within

Living my life
Enjoy the outdoors
Spreading awareness
To you and yours

And thinking of you
Beloved Angel son
Every single day
Now forever young
Porthmeor Beach this afternoon
Chilly and bright
A much more sheltered harbour
Many enjoying the sun
Looking towards Hayle Towans
Looming clouds above the land

Testicular Cancer Awareness


Sunday 1st April


The first of April

Time for awareness

Lumps, bumps and swellings

Do not feel helpless


Testicular cancer

Need to check your balls

Don’t be embarrassed

Heed the doctor’s calls


Teens to the thirties

Are mostly affected

Do yourself a favour

Shouldn’t be neglected


Don’t leave it too late

For it can be cured

If it’s caught early

You can rest assured


A taboo subject

Whispered quietly

Can’t happen to me

Can fill with anxiety


Grab life by the goolies

But if there’s a pain

Have your tackle checked out

Your health to maintain

. . . . . . . .

We love you so much sweetie

Missing you like crazy

My dearest, darling son

Precious Angel baby



I made this video three years ago……



A little Easter egg for you my darling xxx

Our Charity Event


Thursday 27th October
An update on the charity event that we held just over a couple of weeks ago…….£4000 raised, to be shared equally between our four chosen charities:

* Checkemlads ~ Testicular Cancer (in memory of you, my darling boy)

* Meningitis Now

* The Brain Tumour Charity

* Bowel Cancer

Such an awesome response from the local community, businesses, family and friends.


We miss you so much my darling.

The pain never goes away.

It’s been eighty five weeks

Since you breathed your last breath.

Every morning I wake up

Knowing you’re not there.

And it hurts.




Saturday 8th October





From setting up the venue at nine thirty this morning, to the singers, theatre groups, comedians, dancers, (both modern and ‘Bollywood’), male voice choir, a school samba band, a rock group…..

And I’m still here…..

Almost midnight.

The DJ is rocking the house.

And, it’s for you, sweetie pie…..

Love you so very much.


Our charity event


Sunday 2nd October

Bought your tickets for Saturday?

Singers will sing, guitars will play.

Phone your friends, text that mate

Put it in your diary, save the date.

Four great charities, close to home

Just don’t stay in and be alone.

Have a fun night, dance and eat

So sing along, and tap those feet.

Superb entertainment just for you

Come along, you know you want to.

St. Ives Guildhall is where it’s at

Walk right in, on the welcome mat.

Two thirty, that’s when you can enter

Until eleven, it’ll cost you a tenner.


There is less than a week to go before our charity event. Four local families joining together to put on a feast of music, dance, comedy and delicious food. Each of the families has been affected in some way by a dreadful disease: testicular cancer, meningitis, brain and bowel cancer.

We hope the event will be a success, so that we can raise awareness and collect money for the four charities.

And all because of you, my darling.

Love you forever

Sweetheart Angel son


A panorama of the harbour this afternoon

Radio interview


Saturday 1st October

Well, today was a first for me, doing something I had not done before…..

I was interviewed by our local BBC radio station: raising awareness of testicular cancer, and promoting our charity event, taking place a week today.

I had set the alarm for 5:40am, we were out of the house by 6:30am, arriving within the hour at BBC Radio Cornwall, in Truro, just in time for a coffee, before going live on air.

The presenter was wonderful, had a great manner, and the ability to put one at ease in a caring but professional way.

I was there with another lady who had lost her son to meningitis; and we each told our stories, highlighting the need for knowledge and awareness of these dreadful diseases.

My part in the interview lasted for about four minutes, and I hope I did you proud my darling, talking about you, what you went through, and how our lives irrevocably changed.

On the way home, driving in the car, a small clip of my interview was on the main lunchtime news. It really was strange to hear my own voice, talking about our family. It was quite surreal, and little sad. 

I will have to download the whole of the breakfast show, (three hours), and edit out all but the important ten minutes worth. 

As we walked out of the studio, a bright rainbow was curved overhead. Was that you sweetie, letting me know you were with me? I would really like to think so. All of this was done because of you. I wish it wasn’t so, but I have to do something to honour your life, and keep raising awareness so that signs and symptoms are more easily talked about, and concerns are taken to the doctor or health professional.

Testicular Cancer is almost always curable if it is caught early enough.

Thinking of you so much.

Missing you every moment.

Love you to the moon and back.

Dearest darling Angel son.


Live in the BBC studio this morning

Through the studio window ~ photo taken by my husband ~ on the outside looking in

With the BBC breakfast presenter following our interview

The harbour looking pretty again this afternoon

Fundraising again


Tuesday 27th September

This was our second day spent raising awareness and collecting monies in our local supermarket, for our four charities.

We began at 9:00am and finally packed up at 5:00pm; a long day, with a couple of breaks, but well worth it. Other volunteers helped out too, allowing us time to shop, go home for some lunch, and of course, time to visit you.

We spoke to a number of your schoolmates and teachers. One remembered you in primary school, and commented on your love of He-Man and She-Ra books. She said you would get a group of children in turn, to play the part of He-Man’s Battle Cat, and you would ride on their backs, pretending to be the Master of the Universe, shouting “I have the power!”

A teacher’s aide recalled you in school, always walking around with a bundle of books under your arm and a little grin on your face.

Dad made the comment that for most of the time we get on with our lives, dealing with our grief and thoughts about you, mostly in private. 

On days like today, when we are raising awareness of testicular cancer and collecting monies for the charity in honour of you, then our grief is suddenly made tremendously public. 

The box is opened up wide for all to peer in and poke about inside.

Most of the time I can cope; able to talk about you, your treatment and ultimately what happened at the end.

But sometimes I falter, and the mask crumbles, and I no longer seem to be able to show the strength necessary to hold back tears.

We do miss you so much sweetie.

Love you forever.

Darling Angel son.


Oi lads!


Sunday 25th September

We spent the day in our local supermarket, raising awareness, selling raffle tickets and collecting spare change.

We have joined up with three local families who have also lost family members to illnesses. The charities we are fundraising for are: Checkemlads Testicular Cancer, Meningitis Now, Bowel Cancer and the Brain Tumour Charity.
Although it was a fairly quiet Sunday, we did collect a good amount of money, and spoke to many people. One chap, who was holidaying in the area, didn’t want to buy a raffle ticket, but did purchase a wristband; he made the comment that Testicular Cancer is not spoken about enough. 

We are also planning a musical tribute event in October, with local musicians, singers, dancers and DJ’s, with food provided by some of the town’s best restaurants. It should be a great occasion.

And all of this we are doing, because of you, my dearest darling. Trying to raise awareness, so young men can talk more openly about their health, seek advice and support early, and not be embarrassed to admit they might have a problem with their testicles.

“Oi lads! Checking testicles is cool”

I love you so much sweetie, and miss you every day. Wishing things had been different for you.



“Oi lads! Checking testicles is cool”

Back home


Monday 8th August

We arrived safely back home, late this afternoon, again battling with summer holiday traffic whose destination is the seaside. Cars, caravans, lorries, motorbikes, tractors, motorhomes all conspired to want to share the road with us, almost at a snail’s pace at some points.

Before we arrived home, we stopped in at your resting place to talk with you. To tell you all about our exploits over the weekend. 

It was on this date last year that we walked up and down Mount Snowdon, in beautiful sunshine, for the first time. Unfit, but determined to keep going, we completed the trek in eight hours, with numerous stops. 

This year we let the train take most of the strain, enjoying the scenery, until we reached the summit, where everything was shrouded in mist and low cloud, but we still managed to climb the final few, rocky steps to counquer the peak.

We thought of you every moment.

Never will a day go by when we don’t.

We miss you with every beat of our hearts.

We love you with every breath we take.

Dearest darling Angel son.


Raising awareness


Sunday 7th August


This weekend has been all about meeting up with survivors and raising awareness of Testicular Cancer, and taking part in the annual memorial trek up Mount Snowdon.


Last year I made a video to coincide with the weekend

This year I have decided to write a petition for Testicular Cancer screening to be made available to Special Needs young men. 


Click on Frankie Angel bear to go to the petition


It would mean a great deal to me if you were to watch, read and sign.

Thank you.


Missing you every step of the way.

Precious Angel son.