Saturday 24th July 

After travelling yesterday
We had a much quieter day
Strolling around the old town
Lagos, a busy place to stay

Forever and always
Moon and back
Treasured Angel son
Early morning
Walking down through the old town
Praça Louis de Camões
So many street restaurants and bars
Sculpture in the main square of Dom Sebastiao
Super cold beer… An icy slushie
Shiny cobbled streets
We sat beneath the shade for lunch
On the go again
Graffiti tiles
Very clever
Bougainvillea growing across the street
Church of Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Lagos
Medieval Castelo de Lagos
17th century fortress complex
Looking towards the marina
Ornate balconies and tiling
Black and white street graffiti
Seems like a great character
The marina bridge
Busy all day with various watercraft
Not a lot of space left
A jetski tour returning
Sitting in the shade with a cold drink
An interesting bicycle
Fabulous green tiles

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