An Italian restaurant

Monday 2nd January 

An Italian restaurant
Built into the hillside
Overlooking the ocean
Delicious food was supplied
Paella, lasagne
Tortellini was tried
Tiramisu, frangelico
Left us all fortified

Love you so much
Treasured sons
Beloved Mum
Our morning coffee stop…..
Instead of coffee, you could choose a glass of wine, or a beer…. At 10am 😊
Live, feel and love, it’s free
Looking up
Looking down
Prettily painted pottery
Coffee in the church square
Statue of a man carrying bundles of esparto grass
Our Italian restaurant
Al fresco dining
Overlooking the hills down to the ocean
Black rice, squid ink, seafood paella
It began to drizzle a little, so we moved indoors
Tiramisu and frangelico
Splendid trompe-l’oeil decor
Down to the coast
Steps everywhere
And blue plant pots
Colourful flower pots
And trailing plants
Strange houses
Mijas Pueblo

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