My father Hank


Monday 5th October.Remembering my father Hank.

4.2.1932 – 5.10.2009


We didn’t know

We were making memoriesWe just thoughtWe were having fun.

An RAF fighter jet pilot, sailor, skiier, swimmer, water polo player, golfer, orator, cook, writer, sommelier, World traveller, painter, actor, model….

A little more about my father…..


Eleven years ago today

Pancreatic cancer


Frank and Hank

My son My father

Fly free


Hank and I

Father and Mother

Hank and I





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    • Thank you so very much.
      He did seem larger than life to me. Always on the lookout for the next adventure, whether rescuing the Shah of Persia, sailing across the Atlantic, teaching Prince Charles to fly, going to the Oscars, flying me to a party in Palm Springs, going in and out of bars on Bourbon Street at midnight, roller skating along Venice Beach, snorkeling around Tobago, the BVI’s and Bermuda, intercepting ‘Russian bears’ across the skies above the North Sea….
      So many experiences, so many stories to tell.
      I’m glad he made you smile, you would have had a lot to talk about 😊

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