Tuesday 3rd January 

A white washed village
Just north of Nerja
A spectacular image

Love you so much
Treasured sons
Beloved Mum
I think the Spanish have a thing for crocheted Christmas trees
Mosaics everywhere
A great bar and wine store. The Frigiliana moscatel was excellent.
View from the bar
An old church, turned into a sugar cane factory
Terraced restaurants
Vinos el Lagar
A tourist sight seeing train
A little libation
Patterned, cobbled streets
Terraced walkways
Whitewashed buildings
Lunchtime views
Steps and narrow walkways
Houses built on the hillsides
Colourful shops
So many streets to explore
So much to discover
Which way to go……
A lunchtime stop in the shade
Very warm in the mountains
What will we find at the top?
Wonderful views
Blue flowerpots
Sunburst through the clouds

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