Driving home today

Tuesday 10th January 

And we're driving home today
But it's raining all the way
Grinch Mk II came from the USA
Replacing the one stolen on Christmas Day

Love you so much
Treasured sons
Beloved Mum
The ‘Nearly There’ Trees at Lifton
Cookworthy Knapp
A copse of beech trees
Grinch Mark II was delivered this morning, waiting on the doorstep when we arrived home. I ordered it from Spain, on Christmas Day, soon after we realised that the original one had been stolen from our parked car.

Together again with Frankie Angel Bear

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  1. We had a nearly there tree when I was a kiddie – my brother and I insisted it was a Christmas tree whatever time of year it was – a great big pine and I don’t think it ever got decorated but it was a Christmas tree in our heads. Sadly it got blown down in the hurricane-that-wasn’t-a-hurricane of 1987.

    Thanks for a great memory trip

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    • It really was so upsetting, but grateful I could find another Grinch, as this particular one is no longer made.
      Ebay and the US to the rescue πŸ’–
      Thank you Una xxx


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