Church service details


Tuesday 31st March

We have a 10:15 appointment with the Father who will be leading the funeral service for our son, one week today.

He is wonderful and puts us at our ease, but it is still such a heartbreaking time. We tell a bit of our son’s life story, and his valiant battle against the cancer that ultimately took his life. We discuss the readings, prayers and eulogy. We just want everything to be perfect. In between tears we recount tales of adventure, mischief and happiness. The Father listens intently, offering suggestions and advice to the Order of Service.

We leave, only to move onto the undertaker’s, to deliver our chosen photographs of our son, to be used in the Order of Service. It really was an emotional morning.

In the afternoon we go out in the car, to have two very large posters printed and laminated, of our darling son. These will be placed either side of his coffin in the church. One shows him laughing, having just come out of the water in Aquatica, last year. The second is a pensive one of him reading, with a beautiful blue sky background. He always had a book in his hand. The photographs look amazing, but again bring us to tears.

Having almost reached home, our younger son phones, and asks us to come down to his place for tea; we didn’t see him yesterday, and he wanted to know that we were all right.

We stay for a couple of hours, then begin our walk home. Our town is quite unique in that it places funeral notices in various shop windows, informing friends and the townsfolk of the date and time of the funeral. And of course, as we pass the flower shop, there is the notice for our son.

We walk silently in tears, holding hands, all the way home. We never, ever imagined to see one of those notices for a child of ours

It really felt like an arrow piercing through our hearts.

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