Saturday 19th June 

Feelings hidden
But thoughts tumble
A flowing stream
Or white water rapids
Murky depths
Then crystal clear
Caught between
An open road
And an unknown highway
Waves crash in
Dispelling footprints
The mapped out path
Hypnotised by
Changing scenery
Bewildered and
Questions unanswered
Future uncertain
Recurrent nightmares
Faltering steps
But head held high
This is the way
To breathe, survive
Embracing memories
Celebratory and proud

In my thoughts
Forever and always
Precious Angel son
A warm and sunny morning

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    • Thank you for your kind words and for caring.
      Just feeling a little down at the moment: not yet being able to visit my younger son in Spain; the kitchen in a pickle (following a slow leak in the cold water pipe, the whole lot has had to be ripped out and rebuilt); my mum’s dementia causing swallowing problems for her; our town has a large Covid spike following an extremely busy half-term, and the influx of the G7 entourages that accompanied the world leaders….
      Sorry for bemoaning my woes and sorrows
      I just need a good shake, a long walk in fresh air, watching the ocean, feeling the sun on my face.
      All will be well.
      Normal service will be resumed shortly 💖
      Do hope you are well and staying safe.
      Take good care.

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      • Don’t apologize for “bemoaning”! That’s what blogs are for, to share. It seems like it’s always the case that bad things happen all at the same time, with some grief and anxiety added to season the dish. Hang in there.

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