Porto Covo

Tuesday 20th July 

Porto Covo
For lunch today
The Magic Cactus
Took our breathe away
A shaded spot
Set above the bay

Moon and back
Treasured Angel son
Walking along the cobbled streets of Porto Covo
Fishing boats
One of the many sandy coves
Clear seas
Coastal paths are very close to the edge of the cliffs
Great rock formations
Deserted secret beaches
A difficult scramble down
Gulleys and crevices
The view from the Magic Cactus, above Praia de Vale Figueiros
Very quiet when we arrived
A perfect shady spot
With cold beers
Our umbrellas and windbreaks below the beach bar
A quick walk down to the sea, which was a little cool
Looking south
Looking north
Our place on the sand
The bat and ball kids

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