Two years


Saturday 12th March

Two long years ago you left us

Your little heart stopped beating

Even though I tried so hard

I couldn’t keep you breathing.

Overnight our lives did change

No more adventures to be had

A precious life cut short

We’re left heartbroken and sad.


The first year passed in a blur

Just numbness and disbelief

Then the emptiness settled in

Day upon day of continued grief.


Two years have passed by so quickly

And many memories are left behind

Heaven gained a beautiful soul

Our son: happy, caring and kind.


Fly high Starman

Forever in my heart

Thinking of you always

Never really far apart.



This was last year’s post:

One year 


A beautiful blue-sky day at Gwithian

Godrevy lighthouse, horses, walkers and kitesurfers

Frankie Angel bear came too xxx

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  1. MeRaw, I’m very sorry that you lost a little boy, on the verge to be, no doubt, something really, really special. I don’t know what the reference to “little starman” was; but, if it did mean something, you might consider naming a star for him, through “Star Registry”. Overtime you look at the certificate, you will remember him.

    We lost a 24 year-old son eleven years ago. From a young age, he had always loved anything to do with airplanes or spaceflight. So, we had a star named after him, using his sign in the zodiac.

    He will always be your son, and no one can ever take that away from you.

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