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Everywhere I look


Monday 20th January


Everywhere I look

That’s where you are

Close by, in the distance

Whether near or far

Right beside me

In heaven above

In my heart

Beating with love


Yet I miss you

I miss you so much

And I wish

I wish so much

That you were here

That you were near


Thinking of you

Remembering you

Loving you

Precious Angel son


Driving home on the back roads

Late afternoon sun beaming through the trees

Happy birthday sweetheart


Saturday 18th January


Happy birthday sweetheart

Today you’d be thirty five

But cancer is a hateful thief

It wouldn’t let you survive


We think about you often

And the man you’d become

Saddened that you’re not here

Dearest, darling Angel son


Love you forever

Forget you never

Always together

For ever and ever



And just like that


Friday 17th January


And just like that

Back in England again

Such a bumpy flight

In a big jumbo plane

Noticeably chilly

But at least no rain

Drive home tomorrow

Really can’t complain


With us always

Precious Angel son


Flying over the south west coast this morning

Cloud reflections on the sea

Driving out of London

A touch of blue sky

The sun is trying to warm things up

Early evening

Don’t want to


Wednesday 15th January


Don’t want to think about

Going back

But we need to get sorted

And start to pack


Love you poppet

Beloved Angel son



The friendly squirrel came by this morning

A visit to the Florida Keys Brewing Company

A colourful garden

With a bold parrot

A sky so blue

A calm oasis

All gone

Back at the resort

A tri-coconut palm