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By the moon


Saturday 20th October


Warms the heart

And stirs the soul

A smile from you

Would make me whole


To hear your voice

Gentle laughter

If only it was

Happy ever after


My darling boy

We miss you loads

You’re in heaven

Walking different roads


Precious Angel

Gone too soon

I see your star

Lit up by the moon



From hearts so true


Friday 19th October


Fly high

Fly free

Wish you could

Fly back to me


Twinkling star

Twinkling bright

Is that you

Lighting up the night?


Wish, wish

I wish for you

To feel the love

From hearts so true


Love you so much

Missing you sweetheart

Beloved Angel son

We’re never apart


Still and grey today

A soft swell rolling in to shore

A grey harbour afternoon

One day at a time


Thursday 18th October


One day at a time

One step at a time

One breath at a time


Upside down

Inside out

Back to front


Falling apart

Spinning around

Spiralling under






No choice

No alternative

No option


Small steps

Keeping on

Go forward


With love

With memories

With thankfulness


My boy

My son

My Angel



Porthmeor Beach looking East

Straight ahead

And towards the West

Harbour sunshine

A few sunbathing on the beach

Melt my heart


Wednesday 17th October


Tears of love

Tears of joy

Tears of mine

For my little boy


A heavy sigh

A teardrop falls

But happy times

Memory recalls


Sweet Angel son

Though we’re apart

A smile from you

Would melt my heart



A good swell at Porthmeor Beach

Half term has begun for some parts of the country

Outgoing tide in the harbour

In the dark


Tuesday 16th October


There in the dark

The deepest, blackest night

The overpowering nothingness

Is where your star shines bright


Over here in the dark

In shadowy underworld of despair

The intense emptiness

Is where you’re walking on air


Right now, in the dark

With this excruciating pain

Crushing down all around

There’s hope I’ll see you again


My precious boy

Darling Angel son


Always wonder


Monday 15th October


I will always wonder

How you would’ve grown old

Now lives ripped asunder

No more stories to be told


The young man you’d become

Still had plans to fulfil

Fun and games in the sun

Happy families still


So where did it all go wrong?

Cancer is an evil monster

Now to heaven you’ve gone

The disease you didn’t conquer


Thinking of you

Missing you

Loving you

Forever and always

Treasured Angel son


Dad’s birthday


Sunday 14th October


Dad’s birthday

Long chat with your brother

All is good in Spain

Video call, waving to each other


We went for a walk

Across the cliffs at Gwithian

The sun had come out

Feeling the warmth on your skin


Really wish you were here

To wish dad Happy Birthday

We miss you immensely

So much more than words can say


Love you poppet

Darling Angel son


Looking down on St. Ives

Big clouds over Hayle estuary

Godrevy Lighthouse

Looking across the bay to St. Ives

Gwithian sands

I am


Saturday 13th October


I am

But I am not

I breathe

Yet I am suffocating

I see

But I’m blinded

I walk

Yet I’m paralysed

I dream

But they’re nightmares

I keep going

Yet I retreat

I smile

But I wear a mask

I am

Yet I am not


Love you forever

Forget you never

Always together

Forever and ever

Sweetheart Angel son


A grey drive along the harbour this afternoon

Last forever


Thursday 11th October


My love for you will last forever

Yet the heartache will never end

But you’ll always be with me

As many kisses to heaven I send


Love you poppet

Darling Angel son


Porthmeor Beach after very heavy rain

Skies clearing over the harbour

A beautiful tortoiseshell butterfly catching some warmth from the sun