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That point in time


Friday 5th March


That point in time

When life stood still

Remembered with

An icy chill

An awful day

That went downhill

You lost your life

One day I will

Meet up with you

Not long until


Thinking of you always

My precious little one

Love you sweetheart

Darling Angel son




Clouds gathering over Porthmeor Beach this afternoon

A chilly wind blows across the sand

A biting Easterly wind pinches noses, cheeks and ears

Slowly breathe


Wednesday 3rd March


Slowly breathe

And believe

Enjoy the view

Sky’s hazy blue

Sand reflections


Sun’s warm rays

Happy days


Thinking of you sweetie

Treasured Angel son


The Chapel on top of the Island

Man’s Head

Fluffy clouds overhead

Smeaton’s Pier

A sunny corner

Reflections in the sand

The Wharf

One day at a time


Tuesday 2nd March


One day at a time

One breath

One step

One beat


With me all the way

Each and every day

Precious Angel son

Now forever young



The ‘Boilers’ from the inside of the wreck of the SS Alba, 1938

Appearing at low tide

West Porthmeor Beach

The rocks of the reef uncovered at low tide too



Sunday 28th February


Sunshine makes me smile

So stopping for a while

Watching waves breaking

Scenery breathtaking

Fresh air and blue skies

Afternoon exercise

Everything seems fine

When the sun does shine


Thinking of you as always

My darling Angel son


Blue skies and very low tides

Man’s Head and the reef

Harbour blues

Sitting on the slipway

I know


Thursday 25th February


I know

If I focus on the pain

I’ll continue

To hurt


I’ll focus on the love

And begin

To smile again


Love you sweetheart

Treasured Angel son


So blue, today

The Island

One of the pleasure boats out off Porthmeor Beach

Seagulls swooping

The lighthouse on the end of Smeaton’s Pier

A few people walking around this afternoon

Nora Stachura carefully being reversed into the lifeboat house