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Your presence


Saturday 28th October


Your presence is here, it’s all around

In every room, on the empty chair

In each outing, in the back of the car

Although I know you’re now elsewhere


In every single minute of each day

In the calm silence, in the loud roar

You’re in my head, in my dreams

Know that I’ll love you forever more


My sweetheart 

My darling

My Angel

My son


Grey and dull this morning

Where would you be?


Friday 27th October


A sunny Friday

Where would you be?

Walking on the sand

With shoes in the sea

Running and jumping

Waves can’t catch me

Loving the fresh air

So young and carefree

My darling Angel

So precious is he


The sunshine is bringing out the holidaymakers

So many playing in the sea

Sunny harbour at low tide

A bank of clouds in the distance

Stumble along


Thursday 26th October


As I blindly stumble along

The twisting road of grief

No directions along the way

To give me some relief

Each route leads off at a tangent

Like none encountered before

Further and further away

Til you lose sight of the shore


Each track is so individual

A lonely walk of heartbreak

Once on, you can’t step off

With memories just keepsake


The journey seems neverending

But I know I’ll see you again

For now you’re gently enfolded

Safe in my heart until then


My darling Angel son





Wednesday 25th October


My precious son

I’m missing you

There is nothing

That I can do


My sweetheart child

So far away

I think of you

Each night and day


My darling boy

Love you so much

I really wish

Our hands could touch


Treasured lad


Up on a cloud

You’re slumbering


Beloved Angel

Up there you fly

I’m whispering

A lullaby



Half term holidaymakers enjoying the beach



Monday 23rd October


When I came upstairs that evening

It was to kiss you goodnight

To tuck you in, smooth the covers

And then turn out the light


But when I came upstairs that evening

Just how little did I know

It would be to kiss you goodbye

And then I had to let you go


My darling

My son

My Angel


Dark skies over Hayle

Nowhere to be found


Sunday 22nd October


You can’t see a broken heart

You can’t hear a silent scream

You can’t dry hidden tears

You can’t soothe a painful dream


But they’re always there

A perpetual flow of reminders

Coursing through our lives

Leaving us to be survivors


For every single moment

You are everywhere around

In my heart, in my head

When I am nowhere to be found

Love you so much my Angel

My precious son


Grey skies over the harbour

One more minute


Saturday 21st October

To Frank
One more minute
Another hour
Just one day
Wish I had the power
One more minute
Another night
A little more time
I’d make it right
One more minute
Another chance
To hold you close
Your smile, I’d glance
One more minute
Another sunrise
A golden sunset
Please open your eyes
One more minute
To have you here
To make memories
I’d keep you near
One more minute
That’s all I need
To say “I love you”
Heartfelt indeed
One more minute
I’d say to you
“Never forgotten”
So precious, that’s true
One more minute
One more kiss
One more hug
Perfect bliss
One more minute
Those times we had
I’d say “Thank you”
My darling lad
One more minute
What I wouldn’t give
To have you back
So you can live
One more minute
To take it all in
Knowing that soon
Pain will begin
One more minute
But now you’re gone
And in my heart
You’ll live on
Love Mum

Storm Brian approaches the south west….



Friday 20th October


The calm before the storm

Horses enjoying the beach

Freedom to roll in the sand

You’d be there stroking each

Admiring their wild spirit

With hide as smooth as a peach

I imagined you on horseback

My Angel, just out of reach


Thinking of you sweetie

Love you to the moon and back

Beyond the stars, around the world


Two horses brought down to the beach to exercise and enjoy the fresh air

The wind whipping up the tops of the waves ahead of storm Brian

Love will linger


Thursday 19th October


Your love will linger

Your memories are real

Your affection touched many

My heartbreak I conceal


Your achievements numerous

Your delight enchanted

Your laugh infectious

I took it all for granted


And then one day

You had no more tomorrows

Your life ended so suddenly

Leaving​ grief and sorrows


Missing my Angel

Darling son


Porthmeor Beach looking towards the Island

Porthmeor Beach looking westwards

A glimpse of sun on dull afternoon

High tide in the harbour