Saturday 8th July


I will never finish telling your story

I will not close the book on your life


I’ll keep remembering all those times

Of happiness, adventures and fun


Just because you’re not with me

Doesn’t mean I don’t feel you near


You did exist; for thirty long years

And I’ll keep on loving you forever


Darling Angel son

Blowing kisses to heaven


A warm afternoon on the beach

Playing in the waves

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  1. It’s very important, to keep the memory of your son with you, but, you can’t allow them to take over your life, because you are still here, and he’s not, and, it’s, truly, very difficult, to find closure on someone who’s passed away, especially when s/he has died in her/his prime, but we must, put one foot in front of the other, and carry on, as the living do…..

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