Never a moment


Friday 31st July


There is never a moment

A point in time

An occasion

Sweet Angel of mine


When I stop thinking

Of you

What might have been

What we’d do


Where you’d be

And who

And how

But to heaven you flew


And left us here

To mourn

To cry

My darling first born


Love you sweetheart

Beloved Angel son


First time we’ve walked along the harbour front (we were wearing masks); so many people….

Less crowded on Porthmeor Beach, but it had begun to cloud over, and then the drizzle started

The tide coming in, meaning less space to sit

We much prefer the garden at the moment

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  1. My heart hurts for your loss. Never a day goes by without the deep longing for another hug. Ah, I understand. But what a joy he was when you had him… and what sweet memories he has left you with. ❤

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