Monday 11th May

So today we go begging. For your fundraiser that we are planning in a couple of week’s time, we have decided to ask local businesses if they will donate items for the raffle. We are going to raise awareness and money for the Testicular Cancer charity, Checkemlads.

In your name, so far, there will be just over £2000 when we receive the retiring collection taken at the church service. Onwards and upwards to a new target ~ £5000 ~ who knows? It may be possible.

It’s very difficult, boldly approaching a shop or restaurant proprietor, and asking something for nothing. Actually, it’s not for nothing, it’s for an immensely worthy cause, and the business will gain positive publicity.

We began quite tentatively, and collected a goody bag from a wonderful Cornish fudge shop, the promise of vouchers for cream teas, a wetsuit, restaurant meals, amazing waffles…….. and we return tomorrow to ask about boat rides around the harbour, ice creams, surf lessons……. anywhere really that could offer us something to add to the supermarkets’ donations of childrens’ bikes, wine, perfume and whiskey. Plus, in the mail this morning, 50 wristbands from the charity came through the letterbox. The list is growing. And it gives me something good to focus upon; to lift our spirits, as both my husband and I have been feeling a bit down.

We tell you our plans this morning whilst standing beside your graveside. I hope you’re going to approve our ideas in memory of you. So many people knew you, and miss you wandering around the town.

We love you and think about you constantly.

Sweet Angel xxxx


To follow our fundraising, check out:


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