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Your brother came too


Saturday 15th April

We spent this morning wandering and shopping, weaving our way round and about the narrow streets of Faro. Stopping for coffee, browsing, window shopping, or having a rest in the shade. 

Early afternoon, your brother and his girlfriend arrived. They had been driving around the Algarve for the past few days, stopping at little beaches and coves, hoping for wind, so that they could do some kite surfing. However it has been quite calm, so they were out of luck.

We watched a beautiful sunset this evening over the marina, then found a typical Portuguese restaurant tucked away in the back streets, and sampled tuna, cod, bream and sea bass, finished off with traditional almond and nougat cake. Suitably full, we toddled off back to our hotel.

Wishing you too were here to enjoy time with us. 

The thing was, just before we left the hotel this evening, a friend of yours from Junior School posted a photo of you my darling, as part of a group who put on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You were the narrator, and were probably about ten years old.

A sweet memory and a gentle reminder that you are still with us.

Love you poppet.


Here you are sweetie. In the line up for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Your brother loves Faro

Walking through the old town

More cobbled streets

Interesting door and balconies

Ironwork balconies and graffiti

Beautiful architecture

Fantastic tiles and ironwork

Portuguese souvenirs

Enjoying a cold beer

Stillness in the marina

Watching the sunset

A warm golden glow

Waiting for the sun to set


Friday 6th January

After a great breakfast with a lovely group of friends, we decided to drive down to Key West again, and do some more exploring.

So many memories are scattered all over place. Memories of happy times with my father. And of course so many memories of you. Eating strawberries in the Conch Republic, drinking cold drinks on Sunset Pier, laughing at the granny statue outside the Customs House, and watching many sunsets. 

Today we made new memories with your brother and his girlfriend, but all the while, you were with us, walking the whole length of Duval Street to the Southernmost Point, then back to Mallory Square to watch the sunset.

Remembering all the happy times 

Love you sweetie

Moon and back


Your Grinch came with us again

Emulating the statue

Retail therapy


Tuesday 20th December

We were on the road to Miami early this morning for some retail therapy at the Dolphin Mall. You loved shopping here and would head off to the bookstores, toy shops and entertainment outlets, always checking back with us every so often, then meeting up at lunchtime at the food court. 

Yes, it did feel strange to walk about without you, not having to look over shoulders, or keep a beady eye open for you. Never becoming lost or feeling unsafe, you would be on a mission to buy something, anything, so that you had a new book to read, a film to watch or songs to listen to.

We do miss you, we can’t seem to stop thinking about you, and what you would do, or say, especially when we return to places where we all used to go as a family. I suppose that is normal, and won’t ever change. Yes there’ll be new places to explore, ones that you haven’t been to, but we do enjoy going back and revisiting locations that we shared with you.

Love you sweetheart

Hope you still enjoy retail therapy up in heaven

Precious Angel son. 


A sunny drive along the Overseas Highway this morning to Miami

Your Grinch came along for the ride too

Dusk as we drove back, with the sky reflected in the car’s bonnet

Eartha Kitt


Wednesday 7th December

Probably as a result of enjoying the sixties television programme, Batman, you became fascinated with Eartha Kitt, who played Catwoman. An evil, feline antagonist, with a gloriously sultry voice and distinctive purrrrrr. You loved her outfits, catchphrase and those long, long nails.


More supermarket Christmas songs playing today, and they send the memories of you flooding back. You loved these happy December days, full of surprises and anticipation of what Santa might bring.

At this time of year, you sang along, swaying your hips, whenever you heard Eartha Kitt’s rendition of Santa Baby. A gentle, old-fashioned tune, listing requests for extravagant Christmas gifts. A favourite of yours.


“Been an angel all year”………

And yes, you have been an Angel for all of this year. 

My little Angel in heaven. 

My darling sweet child. 

My son, my heart, my soul.

Love you forever.


Just a blur


Tuesday 6th December

Last Christmas was just a blur

Everything happened around me

This year it’s much more acute

I’m facing the stark, cold reality.


Shock and numbness have worn off

And sadly, in view for all to see

My broken heart is missing a piece

You’re no longer here with family.


I seem to be reminded every day

How much you enjoyed the holidays

All the lights, glitter and sparkle

You should be here for always.


But all is quiet, no joyful laughter

There’s just a great, big empty space

One vacant chair, waiting for you

To sit down, and take your place.


But we’ll keep talking about you 

And I’ll certainly keep talking to you

Your presence remains everywhere

Our love will help me to get through.


Treasured Angel

Moon and beyond

Alive in our hearts

A precious bond.





Wednesday 5th October

Seven years ago today, my father passed away from pancreatic cancer.

Here is a little of his story that I wrote last year.

My post from a year ago

Hank was a big part of our lives every summer when we visited America and the islands, and stayed on his yacht. Starting in 1994 when we went to Bermuda, to Tobago, the Virgin Islands, the Keys, through to 2009 (when he passed away) in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; we always had great adventures.

I hope you and your grandfather meet up for a laugh, a hug, and a long chat about all the good times you spent together.

Frank and Hank.

My son and my father.

Miss you both.

Love you forever.


Low tide in the harbour this afternoon

Dart Valley Railway


Monday 3rd October

It was two years ago today

We visited the Dart Valley Railway

Autumn sunshine melted clouds away

Ducks paddled, wings flapping spray

Drinks and snacks in the nearby cafe

A perfect, fun filled, simple day

I just wish you were here to stay.


Miss you sweetheart

Love you forever

Precious Angel son.


Collecting moments


Monday 26th September

Looking back on memories past

Brings a smile that’s made to last.

Thoughts of you do comfort fast

With a love that’s unsurpassed.


Those memories take me back to you

Like dreams filling adventures new.

I know my wishes won’t come true

But collecting moments is what I do.


Love you forever.

Missing you always.

Sweetheart Angel son.


Windy City


Monday 22nd August

In 2004 we made a detour from our usual holiday on the east coast of America. My brother and his wife had a fabulous apartment on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, and we decided to spend a week in the windy city exploring a very different holiday destination.

Shopping, eating, drinking, museums, the L, parks, beaches, bridges, air shows: Chicago was amazing, and we had a busy, fun-filled week.

You on my brother’s yacht during the Air and Water Show

22.8.2004 Sliding along like a seal (with brown arms and a white body)

I remember  we drove up to Gurnee, and spent the day at Six Flags Great America; you both enjoyed the large wooden rollercoaster called American Eagle, and the insanely twisting Vertical Velocity.

You and your brother exiting yet another thrilling rollercoaster ride

We also spent time at Oak Street Beach, people watching and relaxing, having a snack and a welcome cold drink.

You and I, having a cold drink at a beach café

We did have fun, didn’t we? Experiencing so many different excursions and adventures. You were both so lucky, and we were lucky enough too, to be able to share good times with you.

We tried hard to show you the world, meet new people, eat different foods, look at modern architecture, observe unfamiliar scenery, to place you amongst a different culture: all to expand your education and knowledge. And to have fun all the while.

And we did have fun, didn’t we?

And now, so, so many wonderful memories to look back upon. How I wish it were not so, that you were still here, able to keep on holidaying with us.

We miss you so much my darling.

Love you forever my precious Angel son.


Low tide at the beach this afternoon