More memories of you


Wednesday 13th May

Whilst having a coffee this morning, we bumped into a Teaching Assistant who looked after you in Primary School when you were seven years old. She recalled you being such a fidgety thing, that during your first assemblies your teacher would sit you on her lap, and hold on to you in a vice-like grip, so that you didn’t disturb the proceedings!

She also remembers the countless times when you would pull out the tray, beneath your desk, let it teeter on the edge, then say ‘Whoops’ when all the contents fell on the floor!

You were so cheeky, but everyone loved you.

This lady also told us that when she heard of your passing, she was in Canterbury, and so went to the cathedral there. She passed a stone table with a book set upon it, asking if people were thinking of someone, to write that name down, and this person would then join the Archbishop of Canterbury at the high altar in spirit. You really do fly like an angel with important people in high places.

So there we are my darling, my dear sweet son. People just want to share their memories of you. Again we think it is wonderful, but makes us feel so sad that we no longer have you here with us. We shed a few tears.

All we have is your presence, standing by your graveside, hoping you can feel us close to you.

You really did touch so many peoples’ lives.


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