My Angel


Friday 29th May

A dear friend, whom I have known for well over forty years, sent me a card for my birthday yesterday. Inside was a wonderful silver Angel lapel pin.

“Walking quietly with you
Is the dearest friend of all
Travelling life’s path with you
Carrying you when you fall.”

“Angels are universally known to bring comfort and love to all.
To receive an angel is to receive the purest of love and she should be cherished forever.”

Such a lovely, thoughtful gift. I will certainly treasure it and keep it with me always.

My son unexpectedly gained his angel wings on 12th March this year. He was thirty years old, diagnosed with testicular cancer and one day from completing his one hundred days of chemotherapy. His body could not take the aggressive regime of the cytotoxic treatment.

We were not prepared for his passing. We thought he was winning, we knew the tumour in his brain had shrunk markedly. We were making plans with him. We had so much hope.

And now? He has become an angel, and we are left behind: sad, empty, numb, not knowing what to do next. We miss him so desperately. Irrevocably changing our lives. The future has been rewritten for us, but we have no idea of our part within it.

Angel son.
Love you forever xxx

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  1. This just made me cry. I am so sorry for your loss. He will be an Angel watching over you and he too will have Angels watching over him. Keep sharing your thoughts with the world. I love seeing unconditional love written for me to read and remember what life is all about. 🙂

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