My birthday


Thursday 28th May

So, here we are again. Another ‘first’, without you. My first birthday without you here to share it with me. Normally you would be home for the half term holiday, along with a present and a card for me. Your presents have ranged from wrongly-sized, pointed stiletto boots, strange, yellow chiffon dresses, to car boot, sparkly jewellery, pretty necklaces or a big, pink, faceted crystal. I’ve missed you so much today. I really have.

We spent the afternoon watching your brother and his girlfriend, kite-surfing, along with my sister. It was a bright and blustery day. You would have enjoyed it. We had lunch at the Sunset Surf Cafe, and later on, dinner at the Beach café-bar.

It’s so hard trying to enjoy things, when suddenly you’re reminded that you are no longer around to share these times with us.

Angel son. We grow older, and you remain forever thirty years old.

Love you, miss you.
Wish it wasn’t so.

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