A few, brief moments


Monday 26th June


For a few brief moments

All seems fine. All is well.

A few laughs here and there

Mixed with stories to tell.


Then quite unexpectedly

Brick wall. Face plant. Body slam.

Out of nowhere, all change

Anxiety. Grief…..Wham.


Sinking in a thick fog

Pity party just for one

The misery’s set in

Positivity’s undone.


A voice, a sound, a glance

Something rattles my heart

Realisation of absence

We are just so far apart.


But looking up to the sky

I know you’re flying free

And if I close my eyes

You’re there, right next to me.


Sleep tight sweetheart

Precious Angel son



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  1. It is like that, isn’t it? A little normalcy and then it all hits us again. The body slam. I’m learning this, and it’s hard. I hope it does get easier with time….? (It’s been just a month now for me.) Thank you for your blog. I hope you’re doing as well as possible.

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    • Hi Melinda.
      He is my little Starman πŸ‘ΌπŸ’«πŸ‘Ό
      We go to his resting place every day to tidy and water the flowers, replacing them when necessary, and cutting the grass when it grows too long.
      It’s our way of continuing to look after him, as best we can.

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