Less obvious


Saturday 18th November


My grief becomes less obvious

But don’t doubt it is still there

Kept hidden away within myself

A silent, interminable nightmare


I know my grief can’t always be seen

But because​ I loved you so much

My broken heart will ache forever

Until such time your hand I’ll touch


Missing you always

Loving you forever

Sweetheart Angel son


Walking down to the beach this afternoon

A few surfers enjoying the waves

Harbour high tide

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  1. Grief is very complicated, sometimes you think you’re done with it, then, the very next moment it attacks, and you can only, bear with it, and keep reminding yourself, that you will eventually meet those you loved and lost at the end of times…

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    • Thank you.
      Enduring grief, in this life, certainly is a complicated rollercoaster with invisible twists, turns and drops.
      But I know I will see my son again.
      x πŸ‘Ό x


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