Thursday 22nd February


Piles, polyps or poop

That’s what they’re looking for

Results from the PET scan

Required a bit more

Exploratory time

Left me a bit sore

Uncomfortable really

But you know the score

Better safe than sorry

Something you can’t ignore

A sigmoidoscopy

Balance to restore

Then a polypectomy

Soon to endure

So come back again

Eradicate the tumour

Another appointment

In the near future


Thinking of you as always

My darling Angel son


Sunrise over the sea

The sky when we visited you this morning

Driving up to Exeter

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      • Hopefully good news for you… you are in my thoughts. I had a classmate who underwent a knee replacement on Tuesday afternoon… Wednesday afternoon she was sent home and her husband is playing nurse, but one day’s stay in the hospital is too short in my opinion. My mom had two hip replacements… first time in for three weeks, the second was a “revision” and in for ten days and sent home both time in not good shape, but she had extenuating medical/orthopedic circumstances. Today Cheryl had issues and suspected a blood clot and had to return to the hospital but was okay. I have a high school classmate who is undergoing a kidney transplant a week from today. He is undergoing extra, heavy-duty chemo/radiation all this week. He will have the transplant done in Boston. He went there last week and is being monitored there; his sister is donating the kidney and they are both from Michigan; surgery in Boston. I can’t help but wonder why they waited until the last week before the surgery to do the heavy-duty chemo as it will surely weaken his system immensely… I guess to do one big dose so that the transplant will “take”.

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