Campo Maior


Sunday 22nd April


Searching for a coffee

In the warm morning rain

Slow and quiet, early start

Shops closed on Sunday in Spain


Then off to Portugal

A barbecue by the lake

Sun comes out, temperature climbs

The food and beer, just great


Such a pleasant afternoon

With cow bells gently tinkling

Honking geese, a crested lark warbles

The waves lapping and glistening


You would have enjoyed the barbecue, cooked by your brother…… pork skewers, sausages and chorizo, eaten with bread and olives.

Missing you sweetheart

Love you so much

To the moon and back

And a little bit more


Morning coffee

A quiet establishment

The lake, with grey skies when we arrived, at Campo Maior

Boulders and poppies

Growing anywhere

Enjoying lunch

Luke tending to his barbecue

Big, smooth boulders everywhere

Cows and bullocks on the opposite bank

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