Daily Archives: September 28, 2018

My little Frankie


Friday 28th September


How’s my little Frankie?

Your dear Nan asked today

He’s gone off to heaven

I struggled quietly to say

But you didn’t tell me

Her tears fall in dismay


Dementia’s a curse

Her mind in disarray

Confusion, lost mem’ries

Pain that won’t go away

I did love him so much

The games we used to play


Trying to remember

When life was all okay

A time of innocence

Filled with fun everyday

How things change so swiftly

Now the brain does decay


We all loved you so much

Wish you were here to stay

Nan cannot understand

That you have passed away

My dear little Frankie

In heaven’s where you lay


Love you so much

Sweet Angel son


The harbour looking pretty this morning