Monthly Archives: July 2020



Saturday 18th July


Looking for you everywhere

Next to you I stand and stare

Wish you were just over there

Hiding with your teddy bear

You must know how much I care

All my love I want to share

But you’ve vanished into thin air

And I’m stuck with a nightmare

All that’s left: your empty chair


Thinking of you

Missing you

Remembering you

Loving you

Precious Angel son


Our garden roses

Giving a splendid display

Beautiful blooms

So many petals

No rules or manuals


Monday 13th July


No rules or manuals

No map or directions

Which pathway best?

Ready for corrections


This way, or that?

Make your own selections

The choice is yours

Maybe objections


But I do know this

Whatever instructions

I’ll have a memory full

Sweet recollections


Precious Angel son